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The Meadow refers upon the Genesis of Morgenstern & Boyd – two sound-alchemists, eversince walking the earth on a mission beyond good and evil …


The Morgenstern & Boyd Archives present Raja Schwahn-Reichmann, Harald Jokesch in „The Meadow“ A Film by Fritz Aigner Based on fragments of the graphic novel „The Legacy of Morgenstern & Boyd“

Starring Jacques Bush, Marino Acapulco, Alexander Tschernitz, Maximilian Ertl, Nino Acapulco and Amanita Muscaria as „The Legacy“

Directed, filmed and edited by Fritz Aigner


©Claudia Dicker
©Claudia Dicker
©Claudia Dicker


©Claudia Dicker

Raja Schwahn-Reichmann

as The Maid

Harald Jokesch

as The Narrator


Marino Acapulco

as Morgenstern

Jacques Bush

as Boyd

Amanita Muscaria

as „The Legacy“

It all starts with a warning call: This a time of misery, groans and tears! Portentous the face of the heavens appears! And forth from the clouds behold blood-red, The Lord's war-mantle is downward spread...

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